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 Boaz Redansky - the dream maker, reality surpasses all imagination, the best organized surprise in my life – the biggest we can give the one we love and also for our self. I was thinking this is a once in a life tour but it was so good I have done it already 8 times…riding with you is not only living the landscapes and places but also to discover yourself again each and every day. An ultimate experience renewable at any given moment from takeoff till landing.


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Reality surpasses all imagination

After crossing Israel from North to South with his motorbike Boaz Redansky decided to combine his passion for motorbikes and travels and to explore new destinations across the sea.

Now Boaz wishes to share his knowledge and experience with you - giving you extraordinary and unforgettable experiences of new landscapes, flavors, people, new friends and a unique sense of freedom.

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boazred@gmail.com​ | 054-7677866